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                Golden Tips for Choosing the Right Caravan Park for Your Trip


Vacation is a period take off the normal routine work life to relax. It is a time to enjoy yourself, go on an adventure and appreciate nature. A vacation would be more fun when you decide to go camping as a family or a group of friends. If so then you need a caravan to accommodate the group comfortably. Getting a caravan is not a problem, the main challenge is finding the best park for the caravan. Caravan parks come with different policies and provision. As a result, not every park would be suitable for you and your family or friends. To get the best caravan park, go about the following tips.


Know your budget

The primary stage in finding the best caravan park at Ingenia Holidays is to know your budget. You need to know the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay a parking fee as well as services fee within the park. With your budget, you can narrow down to caravan parks that you can afford. Do not go for parks that are above your budget.



Caravans are temporary houses while out on a camping trip. Meaning where it is parked should be safe. The security should take care of intruders whether people or animals. Most noosa caravan parks are located in forest or mountainous regions that could harbor dangerous wild animals, and it is for this reason that safety comes first.



The location of the park is very important. In the course of the camping, most campers would want to access urban centers to do a few things like buying foodstuff, seek medical attention of illness, service or repair their vans. A good caravan park should, therefore, be located in a place is easily accessible and with good roads and networks for communication. To know more ideas on how to select the best vacations, visit


Social amenities

 Sometimes you are on vacation in the company of your children who would love to swim, play football among other games. A good site for parking you caravan should make available social amenities such as equipped playing grounds, swimming pools to be able to accommodate those who wish to engage in extra curriculum activities and outdoor games.


Pet-friendly parks

While out on vacation or camping, there are those who have pets that they would wish to carry along with them. However, some parks do not allow pets into their parks while others do. So, if you are the type of person would like to go camping in the company of your, then you must choose pet-friendly parks.